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Brian Bru
Standup for Introverts
First run out of a new short set

The Father Who Bought Fear

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a short story performed by Brian Whittingham
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Brian reciting the Ballad of the Three Queens
Brian performing at The Royal Concert Hall
at The Ballad of the Big Ships.

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Clocking In: Clocking Out
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People Who Work Standing Up:
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by Brian Whittingham

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photo of Brian with schoolchildren at Glasgow Gallery of Modern art
Image © Jim Dunn 2006

In this photograph Brian and some P7 pupils investigated Ross Sinclar's DEAD CHURCH in Glasgow's Gallery Of Modern Art (pictured above). They walked round it, touched it, sniffed it, listened to the noise of it, tasted the air of it, watched others looking at it, asked the why of it, then gave their imaginations licence to make free reign of it, to reach inside and ask themselves what they saw in it. Then they wrote their poems.


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Detail of Mural at the Scottish Maritime Museum at Braehead, Glasgow